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22 April 2024 09:03 PM
How to use Entourage to send and receive your mailHow To: Email Configuration
1 Launch Entourage. Select the "Entourage" drop-down menu and select Account Settings...."

Entourage Setup Guide Step 1

2 In the "Accounts" dialog, click on the "New" icon, in the top left corner. If a drop-down menu appears, select "Mail."

Entourage Setup Guide Step 2

3 Next you will enter all of your Account Settings. First, enter a name for your account. This name will only be used by you to identify this account. It is a good idea to keep "Include this account in my "Send & Receive All" schedule" checked. Next enter your Name, which will be displayed in the "from" field in all of your outgoing messages. Next enter your email address. Your "Account ID" is the same as your email address. The "POP server" is "mail.domainit.com." Enter the password which you chose at the time that you registered this email address. Next enter the "SMTP server," which should be provided to you by your Internet Service Provider. Click "OK.

Entourage Setup Guide Step 3

4 You're all done! Close the "Accounts" window and you can begin to send and receive email in Entourage.

Entourage Setup Guide Step 4

If you get an error that states "connection refused" then your ISP may be blocking the default port number for your outgoing mail server. If your ISP happens to block the default port number (port 25), you can use port 26 as an alternative port number.

However, if you are traveling or find that your ISP has also blocked the use of port 26, you can also use submission port 587. If you are using an email program like Outlook, you can change your port number for your outgoing mail server by clicking on "Advanced settings" or "More Settings" from the "Advanced Settings" tab and changing the port number to 26 or 587 in the box that states "Outgoing server (SMTP)". Then click "OK" to save the change.

*Please note that leaving email on the server counts towards the monthly mail quota for your account, and may cause delays in viewing email or an interruption in your mail service, should your monthly mail quota reach its limit. To prevent your mail quota from being exceeded, should you want to leave a copy of your emails on the server, empty your "trash" folder often to delete messages you no longer want, and download any emails that you wish to keep or archive at least once a month.

**Please also note that while these steps are accurate for most versions of Entourage, your version may differ slightly. However, the mail account settings will be the same.

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