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22 July 2024 08:18 PM
How do I use Gmail to send and receive my email?
In order to use your gmail account to send and receive your email, simply follow these steps:

1. Log into your gmail account
2. Click on "Settings" at the top of any page
3. Click on the "Accounts" tab
4. Under "Get mail from other accounts" click on "Add another mail account"
5. Enter the email address of the account to get mail from
6. Click "Next Step"
7. In the "Username" field enter in your full email address in all lower case (ie: you@yourdomain.com)
8. Enter in your password for that email address
9. Change your POP server to server#.domainit.com (the server number varies depending on which server your account is on, and it was emailed to you when you purchased the service. If you do not know what server number you should use, please contact us.)
10. Click on "Add Account"

That's all there is to it! Now you should be able to send and receive mail using gmail.

If you'd like to change the "From:" address that gmail uses to reflect your domain email address, please see the following Knowledgebase article:

How do I create a custom "From:" address in Gmail?

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