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22 July 2024 07:16 PM
Dreamweaver webdesign and FTP assistanceHow To: FTP Configuration


Dreamweaver Setup Guide

Dreamweaver Setup Guide

You will need your FTP login details to access your FTP account through Dreamweaver:

FTP Hostname:  ftp.yourdomainname.com -or- server#.domainit.com
FTP Username:
Password:  your password

FTP Remote Directory:  /public_html

Your FTP login details were sent via email when your hosting account was purchased.  You can view your FTP login settings and change the FTP password anytime through your DomainIT Account Manager by following these steps:

1. Login to your Account Manager at https://www.domainit.com/myaccount
2. Click on the domain name you would like to manage
3. Under "Service Details" you can view the FTP Hostname, FTP Username, and Remote Directory
4. Then, to change the FTP password, click "Change Password" next to "FTP/Control Panel"

For help with using Dreamweaver software to design or upload your website, please refer to Dreamweaver's FAQ site at


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