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29 March 2020 11:38 PM
Does DomainIT offer a free or shared SSL certificate?

Did you know that all DomainIT hosting packages includes a free shared SSL certificate?

Your shared SSL allows you to have a secure, encrypted URL that you can use to run a shopping cart or to secure the login for your web application. By using the following URL, instead of your domain name, browsers will keep the contents encrypted and your user's information safe:


(Note: the URL will be different for each domain name and depends on which server your account is hosted on and your FTP username).

Keep in mind you can also upgrade to a dedicated SSL at any time.  A dedicated SSL offers the same secure encryption as a shared SSL but with the added feature of your own domain name in the URL rather than a domainit.com URL.  For example https://www.yourdomain.com/ or https://secure.yourdomain.com/

To view your specific shared SSL URL or upgrade to a dedicated SSL at any time, simply follow these steps:

1) Login to your Account Manager at https://www.domainit.com/myaccount
2) Click "Domains Overview"
3) Click the domain name you want to manage
4) Under the Hosting account of the Service Details you can view the Shared SSL URL
5) To upgrade, simply click "Upgrade to a dedicated SSL"
6) Complete the ordering process

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