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22 April 2024 09:02 PM
Mail Program Port NumbersHow To: Email Configuration

Port numbers should be assigned by your mail program automatically based on your choices of IMAP vs POP3 and Encrypted vs Unencrypted.  Here are the most common:


POP3 (receiving mail), Encrypted SSL/TLS: 995

POP3 (receiving mail), Unencrypted (no SSL/TLS): 110

IMAP (receiving mail), Encrypted SSL/TLS: 993

IMAP (receiving mail), Unencrypted (no SSL/TLS): 143

SMTP (sending mail), Encrypted SSL/TLS: 465

SMTP (sending mail), Unencrypted (no SSL/TLS): 26


Keep in mind if the port numbers in your mail program do not match your IMAP/POP3/Encrypted/Unencrypted choices, then the program will fail to connect.

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